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We are creating a platform that will make it easier for businesses from all over the world to connect and trade with each other. This will empower businesses to reach new markets and customers, and it will also help to globalize the economy.

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    OPESH STORE – Taking You from Local to Global

    “OPESH STORE is a platform that facilitates the showcasing of your products in the international market, making it easier for you to start or expand your export business. We provide modern solutions for exporters and importers, offering accurate, genuine, and custom-made trade data. This enables you to expand your product’s reach and increase your company’s global revenue.”

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    • Market Entry Support
    • Customized Strategies
    • End-to-End Solution
    • Trade Data
    • Product Showcase
    • Market Research Analysis & More

    About Owner & Founder’s

    Dr. Opesh Singh is a bestselling author of the books “Setting up business in Africa” and “Do export & become rich.” He is also an entrepreneur, business coach, and investor, and has helped many people start their own businesses through his infrastructure and 17+ years of expertise.

    In 2022-2023, he was awarded “Most Influential Young Leader” and “India’s Fastest Growing Brands” by AsiaOne, and “Most Enterprising Business Award” in Dubai.

    Dr. Opesh Singh

    • Founder & CEO of OPESH GROUP
    • Global Business Coach
    • Founder/CEO of OPESH STORE
    • Founder of GOLDESSA
    • Entrepreneur/Businessman
    • Investor
    • Author
    • Financial Advisor 

    Mrs. Megha Nath is an inspirational and driven entrepreneur whose unwavering dedication and tireless work ethic have propelled OPESH STORE to remarkable heights. Her visionary leadership has transformed the company into a global powerhouse, spanning across more than 15 countries
    OPESH STORE has emerged as a trusted partner for Exporters and Importers, offering invaluable services that facilitate business growth and expand market reach.

    As well, In 2022-2023, she was awarded “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” by Prime Awards. 

    Mrs. Megha Nath

    • Managing Director of OPESH Group
    • Global Business Coach
    • Entrepreneur/Businesswoman
    • Investor
    • Financial Advisor
    • Running Opesh Singh Foundation
    • Author

    Certification & Awards 🏆

    50+ Countries Export Import Trade Data

    Do More Export, in More Countries, with Our Expert Team & Infrastructure

    How We Help Your Business Grow

    Know how we help you through our Expert Team & Global Infrastructure 
    • Market Research for right product & country selection
    • Compliance Assistance
    • Minimize investment risk
    • Determine the size of your market
    • We update the trade data on regular basis
    • Promote your product at our website
    • Give you access of our 15+ countries network support
    • Our expert team and global infrastructure are here to support and assist you

    Why OPESH STORE Only

    Global List of Authentic Importers & Exporters

    With 17+ Years of Professional Experience

    Help to Select the Right Product

    Help to Select the Right Country

    Complete, accurate & authentic information

    We have the office more than 15+ countries

    We update data of most countries time to time

    Highly experienced professionals with years of service

    Our Client’s Testimonials

    We are known to deliver quality services to our clients. See what they are saying…

    Arijit Ganguly, Chairman

    (Blue Ford international SARL)

    Opesh sir’s program is highly recommended and motivating. He is always there to help his clients. If you are interested in international business, Opesh sir is the best person to guide you.

    Mr. Sony Maniradhan Madathani

    I’m always thank full to you dear Opesh ji. Not only because you setup my business in Africa. The days which I spend with you those are the greatest moments ever in my life. I learn a lot from you, thank you so much being my mentor as well as my friend, well-wisher etc.

    Opesh store client review

    Bidisha Sengupta

    (Roots & Trades Africa)

    Dr. Opesh Singh has been a tremendous help to my company as we have expanded overseas, and he’s always willing to offer his advice about leadership challenges or building high-performing teams. He knows that change is difficult for most people, but I’ve learned many valuable skills from him on how best to deal with these situations when they arise.

    Dr. Ankur Pathak, Chairman

    (Cost Overseas sarl, Ivory coast) West Africa

    Dr. Opesh Singh is a top-notch mentor and business coach. With his guidance, I was able to start my overseas company in Ivory Coast (West Africa). With his continued support, our company, Cost Overseas Sarl, is thriving in the mining and export sector. I highly recommend his services to anyone who wants to start or grow an overseas business.

    Mr Syed Qadeer, Chairman

    (A1 Global exporter suarl)

    Highly recommended. Highly motivated program. He is always there for you to help. If you want to join the international business then Opesh sir is the best person to help you & guide you.

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    We are privileged to work with some of the most prestigious clients in the industry. Our vision is to deliver fast, prompt & reliable information to our clients that adds value to their business.