OPESH STORE was founded by the Dr. Opesh Singh (Chairman of OPESH GROUP) & Mrs. Megha Nath (CEO of OPESH STORE) in 2007. We have a wide experience in overseas market and working in many different countries since 17+ years. Currently OPESH STORE is operating in more than 18+ countries on 4 continents (Asia, Africa, North America, and Europe). And its founded to resolve all your export-import business challenges, such as which product, country, and market to choose. We provide over 50 countries of global export and import trade data. (OPESH STORE maintained and promoted under the flag of OPESH GROUP.)

In short, OPESH STORE is a platform that helps to showcase your products in an International market to start or expand your Export Business with our Global Support and Infrastructure.

Through our global infrastructure, we have developed a modern solution for every exporter or importer by providing accurate, genuine, and custom-made data. With the support of our highly professional technical team, we have served over 5000+ clients with in-depth market research reports and genuine global trade data.

Our mission is to provide the best quality training regarding export-import business, systematic international trade data, market research reports on highly demanded countries and markets, and meaningful insights that help you grow your product reach and company revenue globally.

Through OPESH STORE we are helping Exporters & Importers to get direct orders without brokers. OPESH STORE is helping them to enter better markets so they can get better profits and bulk order with the support of our global team.

We are committed to provide buyers or suppliers orders without brokers (0% commission), Under the mission of “Local to Global”

Our Code of Conduct

OPESH STORE is highly specialized in providing export-import data services and meets the highest aspirations of the customers and their business needs.

Our primary objective is to meet the expectations set by our customers. To ensure trust and confidence, we strongly believe in maintaining a fair and transparent process in all matters that may affect the interest of our clients. We leave no stone unturned in conducting data research and data mining to prove their authentic code of conduct.

“Integrity is integrated into the soul of our company values ​​and professional conduct.”

Our Companies

Opesh International Private Limited

Opesh International Private Limited is a leading multinational company with over 15 years of experience in a variety of industries, including construction, manufacturing, mining, import/export, and foreign investment.

Opesh Store Private Limited

OPESH STORE is a platform that helps to showcase your products in an International market to start or expand your Export Business with our Global Support and Infrastructure.

Opesh Consultancy Private Limited 

Opesh Consultancy Private Limited, a trusted partner for businesses looking to go global, provides comprehensive consultancy services to help them succeed in the international market.

Stark Industries Private Limited

Stark Industries Private limited is a leading company working in the sector of drilling and manufacturing industries.

GOLDESSA International 

GOLDESSA International is most trusted brand for Rough Gold and Diamond Trade. Its headquarter is in Dubai.

VYOMA International Ltd, Rwanda

VYOMA International ltd is a subsidiary company of Stark Industry private limited and working in the sector of FMCG products manufacturing in Rwanda . (Africa)

Opesh Singh Foundation 

Opesh Singh Foundation, founded by Dr. Opesh Singh and Mrs. Megha Nath in 2021, is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing African children and youth with the best possible education to develop their skills and create a better future for themselves.

Our Global Presence

Botswana, Africa

Rwanda, Africa

Senegal, Africa

Senegal, Africa

Canada, North America

Nigeria, West Africa

Cameroon, Central Africa

Cameroon, Central Africa

Namibia, Africa

Namibia, Africa

Zimbabwe, Africa

Dubai, UAE

DRC Congo

DRC Congo

Sierra Leone, Africa

Sierra Leone, Africa

Greece, Europe

Greece, Europe

Ethiopia, Africa

South Africa, Africa

Malavi, Africa

Ivory Coast, Africa